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Hells gateA Covert War
A Covert WarHells gateA Covert WarA Covert WarA Covert WarNORTH SLOPE


The Boy from Berlin

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Welcome to my official website where you can learn about me and my lifestyle, my books, buy them, read pages from them, contact me and read my bi-weekly blog. So dive in enjoy my site  and find out what makes a writer like me tick. Just below you can see NORTH SLOPE, my first novel which which was published in 1980 and is now available in paperback and Kindle.
North Slope Hard BackDevils CovenantDevils TrinityA Covert WarNorth Slope Hard BackRossellis GoldHells GateHells GateHells Gate
North SlopeHells gateA Covert WarA Covert WarA Covert WarA Covert WarHells gateA Covert War



Hells GateHells GateHells GateGus Mason strides towards the Presidency of the United States of America.  But what secret, spawned in the Berlin Bunker can stop him? And what nightmare is it that haunts the ageing Gunter Haman in Germany? From the Nazi death camps to the steps of the Whitehouse, Haman and Jacob Demski, heir to the Jewish Mafia Empire, unravel a mystery that threatens the very fabric of the American way of life. And as Lieutenant Amos, a Newark Police Officer investigates the supposed suicide of a local senator, his investigations lead him into the corrupt world that inhabits the underbelly of American politics, and threatens his own existence and that of his family. Read more.....


North SlopeNORTH SLOPEThe inspiration behind this novel was the discovery of oil beneath the frozen wastes of Alaska in 1968. The discovery was made by the only oil company left drilling on the Slope: Atlantic Richfield. All the big operators had left and stored their equipment up at Prudhoe Bay from where they could ship it out once the warmer weather returned in the spring. Atlantic Richfield were being financed by BP. The agreement was that the Atlantic Richfield would be absorbed by BP if they failed to reach the oil. The point about this was that the geologists knew there was oil beneath the slope, but it was too deep for the technology that was available at the time (so they thought). One large area in the North West had been set aside as a U.S. Naval Reserve as a strategic move by the American Government. Atlantic Richfield named their well Last Chance. It went down more than seven thousand feet. Once the oil had been reached, there was a veritable gold rush, and the North Slope was divided up into sectors and licences granted. This brought all the big guns back. The rest, as they say is history. One character I have used in the book is an Innuit Indian called Skookum. This was the name of the man who discovered gold in Alaska and created the famous gold rush. The oil strike in 1968 was alluded to as the second gold rush. The research for this book was quite lengthy, and meant digging into all manner of material to uncover the little gems that often go missing, or the raw detail of what it takes to work in such extreme conditions. I learned about Husky dogs and how they are bred from wolves, and how dangerous they can be. I read of the passage of a nuclear submarine's voyage beneath the North Pole, and saw remarkable photographs that would have been difficult to achieve under normal circumstances. I studied gas exploration at sea, and how the Innuits lived and their history. So NORTH SLOPE is more than just a thriller; it is a correlation of a year's research that produced what is an exceptional book.


A Covert war PaperbackA Covert war Paperback

Marcus Blake runs a one man security agency in London called GUARD RIGHT SECURITY. He is the owner and sole employee of the agency and has no real client list. His father, a retired diplomat wants his son to get a proper job in the city. Marcus is financially independent and prefers to lead his life as he chooses. One day Susan Ellis walks into his office and asks Marcus to escort her to Afghanistan where she hopes to learn the whereabouts of her brother, David who disappeared twelve months earlier. Marcus is sympathetic to her, but what Susan is asking is beyond Marcus's capabilities. Susan has a letter written by her brother that she says was handed to her by Sir Giles Cavendish of the Foreign Office. Marcus is curious about this and decides to learn more abut Susan and her brother once she has left his office.He contacts his father and asks if he knows of a Sir Giles Cavendish of the Foreign Office. The answer to this question and his pursuit of the truth leads Marcus into the highly dangerous world of arms and drug smuggling between Afghanistan and the United Kingdom. He is drawn into a world populated by powerful, high placed figures in the the CIA, the American Air Force, members of Britain's elite, a deadly assassin and an organisation known as The Chapter.Marcus knows that he is not the master of his own destiny as the strings of fate are pulled by the master puppeteer, Sir Giles Cavendish, and his efforts to extract himself from Cavendish's plans are thwarted time and time again. As the truth is unravelled, Marcus journeys to Afghanistan with Susan where they venture into the dangerous world of the War Lords and opium fields in the search for her brother.


Rosellie's Gold PaperbackRoselli's Gold Kindle

During the Second World War, Captain Miles Roselli hides three dead comrades and a fortune in Vatican gold in the Tibesti Mountains of the northern Sahara. Twenty years later, he is forced into a battle of wits when the secret of the gold bullion is revealed. Roselli was the only man alive who knew anything about the gold’s whereabouts and never expected the truth to come to light. The slaughter of a gold bullion dealer in London opens up a race for the gold, which involves the Italian mafia and the Vatican. But for the Holy See of Rome, the gold is of little interest to them, it is the document that had been stolen from the Secret Archives and concealed with the gold; its revelation could do lasting damage to the Roman Catholic Church. Roselli has to call on all his old instincts and the guile of a Desert Rat to protect his name, his family and the truth that lies buried beneath the Tibesti Mountains.

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Michael Parker has been writing stories for as long as he can remember. He is the author of eight published novels, The Devil's Trinity, North Slope, Shadow of the Wolf, Hell's Gate, The Eagle's Covenant, The Third Secret (later republished as Roselli's Gold), A Covert War and The Boy From Berlin.  After leaving the Merchant Navy, he served in the Royal Air Force and reached the rank of Chief Technician. He now lives in Spain with his wife, Pat.